The world of audio/video has come a long way in the not so distant past.  I remember controllers as being things of magic, with products that took a specialized programmer to write custom code for each specific situation, which as you can imagine was expensive.  As controllers have evolved they have become more user-friendly and adaptable to various situations without requiring custom programming.  Are you ready for this next bit?  …

You can even set up your iPad to control your AV system!  Controls such as raising and lowering your motorized projector or motorized screen, motorized window blinds, and of course controlling your source, volume, and on/off are all configurable.  You can draw on top of the projected image, much like an interactive whiteboard.  You can even receive an email notification when your projector bulb life is at 10%.  There are slick, cost effective solutions being released for your conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms and home theaters, and it is very exciting for us to get to play with all these neat new toys!  If you are even thinking about getting a new projector or wall-mount TV, give us a call and we’ll tell you about a couple of the new products we’ve been installing.

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