Call Center Network Cabling Installation

Call centers require VOIP phone systems to work in conjunction with computer data systems, both systems using high-speed network cabling.  Because of the substantially higher cost of traditional business-grade phone lines and the number of lines needed, call centers can only be cost-competitive with internet-based communication systems. Many call centers also use automatic dialing and data retrieval systems, which will load customer/contact information on the call center representative’s computer screen while the server dials the phone number, or when the customer answers, without delay. This requires very dependable, high-quality data cabling and connections. Now multiply the above scenario by a few dozen representative work stations, and one can easily see how crucial a top-quality installation is to today’s fast-paced call centers. Other considerations include loss of signal due to cable length and interference from furniture, metal construction and other equipment. Avoiding problems requires careful design and the right equipment.

Cobalt Communications has the knowledge and experience to prepare your call center for maximum productivity and dependable performance, with future expansion options in mind. Our Dallas/Fort Worth network cabling experts can help you determine what your current communication needs are and how they can be implemented in the most cost-efficient way for your business. Contact Cobalt Communications today to learn more.

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