Your business may require that you use subscription services, such as commercial cable TV, internet and phone. Several communications companies can connect their services to your business, but often you remain responsible for the internal connections and system maintenance. This is where Cobalt Communications can help. Where the service provider leaves off, we can install and maintain your voice and data communications systems. Some businesses still need POTS, which means “Plain Old Telephone Service.” To many, POTS is a thing of the past. But analog phone lines are still necessary for fax machines, postage machines, security system, fire alarm systems and other communication devices. DSL, or Direct Subscriber Line, is what is most commonly offered by a full-service cable TV and internet service provider.

T1 and Digital Signal 3 (DS3) are high-speed wire cable systems, the most popular for busy and growing businesses. DS3 carries about 28 times as much data as T1. Both require the exact right types of cabling to get maximum speed with minimal signal noise and loss, and to make the most of your investment. Optical fiber outperforms the others, but may not be appropriate for you particular application. Knowledge and experience are critical in selecting and installing the right cabling to extend the services of your outside provider. Trust the structured cabling professionals at Cobalt Communications to provide the proper guidance and service to help your business succeed.

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