Network cabling is what allows us to keep in touch through computers. Cabling is a way of sending information out. Every structured cabling system has its own specific design due to the architecture it will have to work around. There are many different types of cables used. The most common used cables are the coaxial, optical fiber, and twisted pair cables.


Coaxial cables is a type of cable that has 2 inner conductors (center conductor and shield) and a separating dielectric


Fiber Optic Cable consists of glass fibers protected within a cable through either Kevlar or plastic buffer tubes contained within an outer jacket.


Unshielded twisted pair cables (UTP) consist of typically four pairs of twisted conductors.  The twists protect against external magnetic fields.


In all, these are the most common cables used today for network cabling installation. Not only do we have a way of sending out information but we have options on how to install with the proper cables.

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