In a follow up to their testing performed in 2008, the Communications Cable and Connectivity Association have once again performed independent laboratory testing of off-shore cable manufacturers’ products to determine if there was been any improvement in the fire safety performance or transmission performance.  During this round of testing, it was discovered that out of 6 samples of Category 5e and Category 6 cables produced overseas, 5 failed to meet NFPA minimum fire safety standards, and 4 of those 5 failing samples were categorized as catastrophic failures. The standard length of the test is 20 minutes, and the fire from one sample was so aggressive that the chamber had to be shut down less than 3 minutes into the test.

From a transmission performance standpoint, of the five samples that failed to meet the minimum fire safety standards there were 4 samples that also failed to meet the minimum Cat5e or Cat6 transmission performance.

The problem of counterfeit cabling has not gone away or even lessened since 2008.  The only way to avoid counterfeit cabling is to buy name brand, standards compliant cables through reliable sources… and not from the internet




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