Data Center Cabling – Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Optical Fiber

There are many different kinds of data and voice cabling options. What type is right for your business? This answer depends on your anticipated data requirements (speed and volume), cabling distance, and your budget. Category 5e, or Cat5e has been the standard for years. Cat 6 is newer and was developed to accommodate the latest, higher-speed equipment. Cat6a increases the available bandwidth even more, but it can be considerably more expensive. Optical fiber is on the cutting edge of data and voice cabling. Capable of carrying many times more information than copper cable at much faster speeds, fiber optic lines can transmit for much longer distances without signal loss or interference from other wires and metal construction.

Which type of cabling is right for your business depends on your specific type of business, your current volume requirements and projected future expansion plans, as well as your available budget. Let Cobalt Communications design the cabling system that is affordable and strategically right for your business. Contact our structured cabling professionals in the Dallas/Fort Worth area today to find out more.


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