Cobalt Communications installs Digital Signage too!

Digital signs are becoming more popular every day, as businesses realize the value of being able to easily change the message as often as needed at little or no additional cost. Digital signs can be as small as just a few square inches, or can be a large flat-screen monitor. Connections between the digital signs and the controlling computer are accomplished either by direct serial connection for local signs, or over an internet connection for remote signs. The new digital billboards seen on urban roadways are examples of large-scale digital signage that can be controlled remotely by computer, with multiple messages if desired. Smaller scale digital signs are great ways to convey several important messages, and are often used to generate additional advertising revenue as well.

Effective and dependable digital signage depends on good location selection, but also on proper cabling and good-quality equipment. The use of this highly efficient system is only profitable if it requires little or no maintenance after installation. If the cabling and/or equipment are substandard and the signs cannot display the desired messages because of connectivity problems or signal interference, such a system is more costly than tradition static signage. Cobalt Communications can assist in designing and installing a highly effective and completely dependable digital signage system for your business, whether it involves local or remote connections.

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