Your network, whether computer or phone, is the life of your business.  Our internet and phone service were cut during neighborhood construction the other day, and it literally stopped a large portion of our business.  The part of your network that you can control, the inside wiring or structured cabling, should be installed neatly and by a professional so that you do not have these accidental disconnections.

In this blog post we will go into detail about the following steps of planning a structured cabling network installation.

First, as with anything, it consists of making a plan. Second, is to make the floor plan showing where you would like your network outlets, and third you make a list of any requirements you may have for the network infrastructure. The next step is to select the material that will be used for the project, we recommend only solutions which have proven to be standards compliant and warrantied by the manufacturer.  It is generally a good idea to only order materials needed in the near future, as they are needed, unless there are items needed for your project which are not commonly stocked.

After your installation seems to be complete comes one of the most important parts:  documentation, testing and labeling. And remember, when installing your patch cables always use quality patch cables in order to maintain your installation, otherwise all that work and planning can be undone by purchasing counterfeit or substandard patch cables from an unknown manufacturer.

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