Irving Cat5, Cat6, & Fiber Optic Cable Installation!

If you are looking for a quality voice and data network cabling contractor in the Irving area, look no further!  We perform new installations in Irving, service and relocate existing network cabling in Irving, & upgrade network cabling in all surrounding areas of Irving.  We are certified to install optical fiber, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a structured network cabling.  All our projects are certified and labeled in accordance with industry standards. If your project is in a call center or office space, data center, manufacturing or production facility, or even outdoors we have the experience and the knowledge to do the job correctly.

 Cobalt Communications can help with installation and maintenance of 24-volt and 70-volt paging systems, projector and screen installations, speaker installations, digital signage and TV installations, HDMI and VGA distribution systems, and many other low voltage systems. 

 In addition, Cobalt Communications can install and maintain sound-masking systems such as the Voice Arrest System by Speech Privacy.  Speech Privacy specializes in sound-masking, which are systems to mask distracting speech and noises in your office space, in turn making workers more productive and adding privacy where you otherwise may not have it.  You can even use the Voice Arrest sound-masking system to distribute music and paging. 

 Cobalt Communications also has a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) who can assist in the design of scalable, future-proofed network infrastructure.  A well-designed, working network is often under appreciated.  A network in the modern business environment is as critical as the people working there, be sure it is designed and installed to accommodate growth and future technologies.


Cobalt is a quick, reliable, professional company with fast quality services & low rates. Call us for your free quote today!

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