Network cable prices continue to rise due to a double-whammy of rising costs in copper and
fluoronated plastics used in the insulation and jackets.  I was just reading an
article regarding another price increase for all grades of materials for cable jacket
plastics is due on October 1st.  Manufacturers, distributors, installers and
unfortunately the end users are just along for the ride.  The good news is that a major manufacturer of FEP and other fluoronated plastics is expanding a production facility in the USA, but this likely won’t affect prices until sometime next year.

If you look at a 5 yr chart of copper prices, you would feel a twinge of regret for
not investing in copper back in late 2008 or early 2009 because the price has really
shot up!

cable pricing
Several months ago I was approached by an office neighbor early one Monday morning.  Someone
had visited over the weekend and stolen the electrical wire out of the conduits on the
outside of their building!   My neighbor was without power and needed to run an
extension cord to power their essentials, and I was happy to help out.  We later found
out they also took the copper condensers from the air conditioning units on their
roof.  This kind of thing seems to happen when the price of copper rises, and that
just shows you that even in a nice neighborhood you should always be vigilant in your

And always remember, just putting an IP camera somewhere will not do you any good if you don’t have the resolution to read license plates or recognize faces.

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