With network cabling installation, the wires pass through walls and ceilings. The wire terminates in a patch panel inside a server room. Here are steps of network cabling installation:

1. Select a Main Distribution Frame (MDF). The MDF is located in the server room. This is where cables & wires end on the patch panel. From here, the network can be expanded to outlets in the building.
2. Connect the RJ-45 Workstation Area Outlet (WAO). Use a patch cable to connect the RJ-45 WAO to a computer or other network devices such as VOIP.
3. Align the Numbers at the MDF. The cables will end at the patch panel. IT professionals should ensure the numbers are aligned. This will aid in the identification process.
4. To ensure everything works properly, test the cables. This will ensure everything works properly. If any problems are identified, they can be rectified before the job is completed. Certification testing may also be performed at this stage. This will verify that the network cabling installation meets the standards.

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