Paging System Design & Installation

Modern office audio paging systems have changed dramatically with the use of internet protocol (IP) systems. Each speaker can be connected to the internet individually and can be isolated for unique messages intended for a specific audience. This type of paging system is much more efficient because it allows the use of existing internet connections rather than separate low voltage direct wiring systems. Also, traditional paging systems require separate wiring pairs for each speaker location. Hardware limitations restricted the number of paging speaker locations to the system’s designed capacity. IP paging systems can reach a virtually unlimited number of speakers because each one has a unique IP address. Speakers used for sound masking systems can often be used for paging messages, eliminating the need for investment in redundant equipment.

Some paging systems also include video boards, similar to the flight departure and arrival boards used at airports. These visual paging systems can discreetly convey their messages where audible paging may be distracting or inappropriate. For some businesses, a combination of paging options may be best. The Dallas/Fort Worth data cabling professionals at Cobalt Communications can help design your paging system for maximum productivity and cost effectiveness. Whether you need audio, visual, or both, let Cobalt help you communicate efficiently and stay within your budget.

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