Royse City Cat5, Cat6, & Fiber Optic Cable Installation!

royse city

If you are looking for a quality voice and data network cabling contractor in the Royse City area, look no further! Royse City was a small country town that grew South to meet the interstate in the 1960’s. As new subdivisions are built, and new people call this city their home, rapid growth appears to not be stopping any time soon! Pictured above is a popular Royse City landmark that goes back several decades, rumored to have been transported from Garland, the Futuro house still resides off of TX-276 today! Designed by a Finnish architect to originally be a ski chalet, or holiday home, this dream of affordable prefab housing came about in the 1960’s. Unfortunately, with the oil crisis of the 1970’s, and people maybe not being ready for such extraterrestrial living, less than 100 Futuro houses we built, around 50 still live today! One of these unique little UFO houses has been left to retrofuture ruin as if it just crash landed and its aliens moved on.  Cobalt Communications has performed new installations in a local medical facility. Whether your service industry, retail or commercial, we have the tools in our belt to get the job done! Touch base with us today about your cabling needs. 

Cobalt is a quick, reliable, professional company with fast quality services & low rates. Call us for your free quote today!


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