The Telecommunications Industry Association is currently drafting TIA-942A, which is the first revision of the Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for data centers.  The draft is expected to be finalized and approved in 2012, so there is still time before it is ratified.  In the current version, OM1 and OM2 multimode fiber are no longer recognized media for new data center installations, instead, they are recognizing OM3 and recommending OM4 multimode fiber.

So not only is 62.5 micron multimode fiber going away, but only the laser-optimized 50 micron fibers are recognized for new installations (with the recommended media being 40/100 Gb OM4 fiber).

And to top that off, it looks like they are dropping the 100 meter length limitation as well;  the new length limitation will be based upon application.  Just remember, this is only for data center installations, fiber to the desktop is still restricted to the 100 meter length limitation!

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